TFE731 Maintenance Intervals

TFE731 Maintenance Intervals

June 1, 2016

We often get questions regarding inspection intervals and when does my engine really need to come into the shop.  The issue can be confusing for a lot of operators given the range of TFE731 engine models and the numerous service bulletins issued that can extend your TBO.  While we are providing basic guidelines below, a simple logbook review with a regional engine manager at an authorized TFE731 service center, such as Dallas Airmotive, can answer questions about your specific engine’s TBOs as well as if there are opportunities to extend the TBOs by accomplishing certain service bulletins. In general, there are three basic factors that will drive your inspection interval: The TBOs laid out in the LMM, Service Bulletins, and the life limits on key engine components.  

Engine Intervals for TFE New Generation Engines
(-20/-40/ -50/-60 models)

Resource for further information: LMM 72.03.06, Chapter 5-20-00, Table 801

A Few Notes on New Generation Engine Intervals

  • -20/-40/-60 series engines are either 2,500 MPI/5,000 CZI or 3,000 MPI/6,000 CZI intervals depending on the service bulletins completed.
  • -20 series engines with engine serial number P116487 and subsequent serial numbers have upgraded internal parts  to qualify for the 3,000 MPI/6,000 CZI extended hour intervals, but may require a few other very simple external bulletins to make the interval extension official. A Dallas Airmotive regional engine manager can clarify whether your engine qualifies for the extended TBO currently.
  • -40 and -60 series engines will have 2500 MPI/5000 CZI intervals unless service bulletin 72-5194 has been completed along with several other accompanying bulletins as well.  
  • All -50 and -40BR-1B engines are 3000 MPI/6000 CZI intervals.

Classic Engines

Resource: For Classic TFE731 engine models, Service Bulletins dictate the TBO.

For Classic TFE731 engine models, Service Bulletins dictate the TBO.

  • All -2 and -3 engines have 1,400MPI/4,200 CZI intervals.
  • All -2C/-3C/-3D engines have 2,100 MPI/4,200 CZI maintenance schedule.
  • The -4/-5 engines are either 2,100 MPI/4,200 CZI or 2,500 MPI/5,000 CZI intervals, depending on which service bulletins have been accomplished.

One additional note: You can fly 100 hours beyond your scheduled MPI hours and 200 hours beyond your scheduled CZI on all TFE731 engine models.

As always, individual engines may vary from the table above depending on service bulletins completed.  A Dallas Airmotive Regional Engine Manager can help if you have any questions.

These Tips and Tricks are for reference and they are only a starting point.  They are not intended to be comprehensive instructions.  Please:

  • Seek the assistance of a professional mechanic for all repairs beyond your capabilities;
  • Consult the OEM’s applicable maintenance manual, and any Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins; and
  • Remember that the cornerstone of aircraft safety is redundancy — the "second set of eyes" inspection principle is non-negotiable.